Traceability of tissues

The traceability of all tissues, from donor to recipient and vice versa, is ensured by the allocation of a unique identification code that is used throughout the entire process, from donor registration up to and including transplantation. For that purpose, ETB-BISLIFE has been using the so-called Single European Code (SEC) for all tissues we distribute. The EU-wide uniformity afforded by the SEC will ensure the identifiability and traceability of human cell and tissue grafts. All recognised European tissue institutions and all SEC product codes can be found in the European Compendium.

In accordance with Article 7.3 of the Body Material Requirements Decree, unique identification codes must be recorded in writing by the transplantation surgeon. In addition, the type and origin of the tissue, the date and time of implantation and the personal details of the recipient must be recorded. The hospital must retain these data in a readily accessible format for a minimum of 30 years after clinical use.